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Sayuri's Party on Aisle 7

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Welcome to Sayuri's Party on Aisle 7 -- A


Hello! I'm Portia, and I make custom decorations for any occasion. I decided to do a Target themed party for my daughter because she loves the store Target. Every day she ask if she can go to Target to get toys. I thought this would be the perfect theme for her. All decorations and props were created by me! Continue to read below for more details.

Check out my backdrop design. I wanted to create the entrance of a target store for my guest to take photos in front of. It came out so perfect! I am not a professional when it comes to graphic designing but I think my backdrop design came out amazing!

I wanted to setup this event to have the kids at the party be able to shop for items like the real Target store. There were so many options for the kids to choose from.

I made these metal Target Red cards for the kids to use to "purchase" their items. All the cards were personalized with the kids names.

I also made these acrylic name tags for the kids to wear.

I graphic designed the clearance signs, sale signs and price tag labels. They looked just like the real thing! All details matter! I purchased the red containers from dollar tree. I found a ton of cute and fun items that I thought the kids would love on Amazon and dollar tree such as slime, playdoh, sticker books and kinetic sand just to name a few.

I made the laminated placemats with matching dry erase markers that had small activities such as tic tac toe and a maze puzzle to keep the kids busy while they ate. I hired a Cartoonist to turn my daughter into a cartoon image and I created a logo with the image and used it throughout the party. I also created clear goodie boxes for the kids to put their treats and cookies in to take home.

One of my favorite props that I created was the price scanner that I made out of acrylic.The kids had a field day pretending to price check their items. Looks like the real thing huh?

I bought these red baskets from Amazon and added the Target logo to them using my Cricut machine and created the custom shopping bags using sublimation.

I got these mini shopping carts and baskets from Amazon and added the Target logo to them just to add some decor to my cake table. They were the perfect touch.

I created three activity stations for the kids to do different things that represented each aisle. The first station was a clothing aisle where they designed t-shirts and caps using fabric markers. The second station was a homegoods aisle where they decorated ceramic mugs. I created the personalized mugs for the kids to color. The third station was a Beauty aisle were the kids made jewelry such as personalized bracelets and necklaces. I also had a face painter at the event to paint the kids faces which was also apart of the beauty aisle. All Aisle sign centerpieces were made out of acrylic and engraved.

The mugs were colored with oil based markers. Once they're completed you put them in the oven to cure and the design can last for years. Oil based markers were purchased on Amazon.

All jewelry kits were purchased on Amazon and Michaels craft store.

... and last but not least I made this Acrylic backdrop sign.

My Daughter's Target Party was a major success!

We played a bunch of games throughout the day and ended the event with some birthday cake. The kids had an amazing time. Would you throw your child a Target party? Check below for some free printables to get you started. If you have any questions about this event that I might have missed, please feel free to ask in the comment section. I will be happy to answer! Follow me on Instagram at Portia.Nicole.Creation and If you need any party decorations for your next event, please hit the inquiry button below.

FREE PRINTABLES BELOW: (Save as images to your computer or hold down images and save to your phone) Having issues? Send me an email at

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